marriage_page_photoRelationship Counseling And Coaching

The professionals at EFC work with individuals to improve their relationships in their couple-ships, marriages, families, friendships or at work. The relationship may be in a crisis, at a crossroad or seeking a healthier connection.

Our professionals have specific training in relationship counseling/coaching and marriage enhancement. We know personally and professionally about the challenges of modern day relationships. With this knowledge we bring to the counseling/coaching process a comfort with the issues common to evolving relationships.

Many of our clients come to the Evelyn Frye Center seeking assistance with:

Coupleship Issues

  • Marital Dissatisfaction
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Infidelity
  • Communication Problems
  • Infertility Issues
  • Adoption Decisions & Issues
  • Codependency Issues
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Addictive/Compulsive Problems
  • Childrearing Conflicts


  • Bicultural Concerns
  • Gay & Lesbian Concerns
  • Interfaith Concerns
  • In-Law Concerns

Life Transitional Issues

  • Decision to Have Children or Not
  • Remarriage & Blended Families
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Aging Parents
  • Retirement
  • Employment Transition
  • Coping with Special Needs Children
  • Coping with Loss & Change
  • Failure to Launch
  • Adolescent Adjustment

Sexual Concerns

  • Lack of Sexual Desire
  • Impotence
  • Frigidity
  • Use of Pornography