For Clients

client_pageOur Commitment to You

The Evelyn Frye Center is committed to providing the highest quality service to you as we support your decision to improve the quality of your life. We understand the benefits of medical, spiritual, educational and psychosocial interventions.

Superior Staff

Behavioral services are only as good as the professionals who deliver them; therefore, the Center only contracts with qualified clinicians who have been rigorously trained and who are committed to their own personal and professional development. As a result, we have a superior clinical staff that is committed to excellence and who is motivated to serve our Clients, our Center and our Community.

Collaboration for Excellent Results

We provide an ethical environment which encourages our clinicians to collaboratively and expertly serve the needs of our clients. Our business and clinical collaboration creates a synergy which allows us to exemplify excellence in client care and customer service, as we:

  • Assess each client’s needs quickly and accurately.
  • Develop an individualized treatment plan for each client.
  • Deliver services with sensitivity, skill and compassion.
  • Utilize state of the art computer systems for efficient and secure record keeping.
  • Maintain collaborative relationships with managed care and major insurance companies.
  • Accept and process most insurance claims for the convenience of our clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to become your own behavioral health expert! We believe you are the most important member of your treatment team and it is our responsibility to support you in making informed decisions about your recovery and continuing health.

We Assist You in Utilizing Your Health Insurance for Our Services

Behavioral Healthcare Services are a covered benefit under most Insurance plans. Our Business Associates handle all insurance matters so that you can focus on your behavioral healthcare needs rather than hassles with your insurance companies.

Most of the providers at the Evelyn Frye Center are paneled with most Behavioral Managed Care Companies. Go to our How to Schedule an Appointment page for a list of insurance companies with whom we are paneled.

Services Overview

We provide treatment services for:

  • The full array of behavioral health problems such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, personality difficulties, stress related health problems, anger management, addictions, codependency, relationship issues, family problems, various addictive disorders.
  • Persons of all ages including Adults, Adolescents, Children and Seniors.

Our Values

We acknowledge and respect human diversity, including but not limited to, race, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation. Our clinicians abide by the code of ethics of their respective professions and by the laws of the State of Tennessee and the United States of America. We strive to promote the benefits of medical, spiritual, educational and psychosocial interventions with our clients.